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Delighted by deep thoughts...
Examined Life, a visually modest but conceptually ambitious documentary from young Winnipeg-born filmmaker and writer Astra Taylor, is here to make you feel as though your brilliant insights probably aren’t worth jack. Albeit in the kindliest, most entertaining way imaginable.
Interview with director Astra Taylor
The new documentary on philosophy, Examined Life, opening Friday at the Cinematheque, has provoked at least one noteworthy and demonstrable change in me...
An Examined Life worth seeing.
On Point with Tom Ashbrook. Listen to the show!
EXAMINED LIFE fetched more than $12,000 last week during its run at the IFC cinema in New York, continuing its strong tour of North American art houses
Philosophy documentary's also a sister act
"Part of the fun of 'Examined Life' comes from watching these very intelligent people try to make themselves intelligible,"
Astra Taylor Explains the "Examined Life"
Ideas beam out from Astra Taylor's engaging new philoso-doc Examined Life; the viewer basks in the intelligence on-screen and, occasionally, soaks up the rays.
YOU have to hand it to filmmaker Astra Taylor. She knows how to take the dullness out of talking heads, the mainstay (and downfall) of countless documentaries.
Okay, here's a pull quote you won't often get from me: this film is good for your soul.
The film is a series of plein-air examinations of facets of life as we live it—a tribute to Socrates, from whom the title is appropriated, whose philosophizing mainly took place in the open.
Thinkers in Transit, Philosophy in Motion
Still in her twenties, documentarian Astra Taylor has already brought a philosophical bent to non-fiction filmmaking and is looking to push the form in new and exciting directions.
Lots of cool, hep cats are talking about the philosophy of ethics. Actually, they’re not just cool cats — they’re experts on ethics who are asked to explore an idea in 10 minutes.
Got Philosophy? An interview with filmmaker Astra Taylor
I can only hope that this film may lead the way in bringing philosophy to a wider audience, because, well, our society certainly could use it.
Astra Taylor: A director examined
Philosophers walk, talk and chew the fat
in an era of consciously dumbed-down movies (and media) intellectual fireworks are more compelling than visual effects.
Philosophy's greatest hits
"when the talking heads are as smart and hyper-articulate as those in Astra Taylor’s Examined Life, the result is fascinating."
Examined Life is one of the smartest, and most intellectually stimulating movies of the year.
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bite-sized bits of wisdom
"Such intellectual fireworks are more than enough to make Examined Life worth your deep consideration."
Spacing Event Guide
Article on the film and interview with Astra Taylor
"Wanting to make another film about philosophers, Taylor luckily met with producer Ron Mann, who as it turned out, had been wanting to make an anthology film about philosophers, too. (As mom always said, "There's a lid for every pot..."
The making of Examined Life... by Astra Taylor
A Filmmaker’s Guide to Toronto... by Astra Taylor
"Taylor proves there's more than enough food for thought when philosophy is placed in an urban context"
10 smoking hot TIFF documentaries - "an intimate and engaging conversation with some of the greatest minds of our era"
"It's tasty, highly digestible brain food of the celluloid variety"
TIFF's must-see films "More big thinkers expounding on what makes the world what it is, and that's worth examining."
"This is the week to watch philosophers walk. No, we are not referring to the delightful and historic pathway on the University of Toronto campus. We're talking about Astra Taylor's surprisingly entertaining documentary EXAMINED LIFE..."
"the kind of intellectual fix only a documentary can deliver"
"Examined Life is worth your consideration"
Thinking, quite deeply, on their feet
"Astra Taylor is fast becoming the Errol Morris of the egghead" set.
"As Taylor waltzed with friends and family, a doc festival programmer turned to me and said, "I feel very privileged." I did too."
"Jeff Mangum, the reclusive leader of the ground-breaking indie rock band Neutral Milk Hotel, sat down to play a few songs, a performance that electrified the crowd who realized they were suddenly witnessing musical history."
"80 lovely minutes on the road to enlightenment"
"make(s) for heady and strangely exciting viewing"
"TIFF: Nietzsche is the opposite of glitzy: An Interview with Astra Taylor"
An Interveiw with Astra Taylor
EXAMINED LIFE gets high marks for indieWIRE poll at the Toronto International Film Festival!
"one of the most thought-provoking, exciting and richly conceived films out there right now"